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18 days ago

Tanks for doing your part

The Team from Auckland Council

Act now to beat the water shortage:
• Install a rainwater tank (resource consent fees waived).
• Maintain your tank (check guttering is clear).
• Install water saving devices (shower head/taps).
• Install a water sensor to monitor your usage.

3 hours ago

Sooner will start to improve the condition of the old paving stone yard at one side of my property - Qiubo (David) Su

Qiubo (David) from Half Moon Bay

Hi Neighbourly,

I will start another paving task sooner to improve the condition of the very old large area paving stone yard at one side of my property (see the attached 1st photo for this paving stone yard), mainly laying weed mat underneath the paving stones to compress the grass from growing, so to save a lot of time for the very time consuming regular weeding task once in a couple of months; and taking the chance to reinforce the foundation of this paving stone yard, to keep it in the good shape for another couple of decades. At the moment, no plan to replace the very old paving stones with better condition ones, as the paving stone replacement task could be assessed again in another 5 to 10 years. The foundation of the paving stone yard is more difficult to be done well and more important for the quality of the paving stone yard. Relatively speaking replacing the paving stones is the most easy task.

After laying the weed mat underneath the paving stones, expecting there is no need to do the weeding task as before in the first 5+ years.

The photos show the already prepared large area vegetables & fruit trees garden covered with cardboard and the task to plant vegetables & fruit trees there will be started later. The area covered with black plastic sheets is the large paving stones area completed by myself alone at early July 2020 by converting the large area of grass garden.

The task of improving the condition of the old paving stones yard (this is an important task during the outside garden environment upgrade process, and it is good to get it done now before starting the technology tasks, otherwise the technology tasks will be significantly interrupted halfway) should be a lot easier than that of converting the grass garden to a paving stone yard.

Just FYI.

Best regards,
Qiubo (David) Su

3 days ago

Don’t miss your collection day!

The Team from Auckland Council

Due to the long weekend, the council's kerbside collections will be one day later from 26 – 31 October.