55 days ago

Auckland Council agency to build apartments trialling new wheelchair access rules

Ripu Bhatia Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Disability advocates welcome new accessible development which could pave the way for further housing projects.

Do you think there is enough housing for people with access needs?

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1 day ago

Youths out damaging property Sat night

Helena from Bucklands Beach

School holidays have begun..... so two weeks of this to come. If you are waking up to damage, report it.
If you are a candidate with signs on Gills Rd roundabout - may want to check as witnessed some being damaged by same group. If you’re a parent and they look familiar - maybe a lesson on respect. This is the second weekend in a row we’ve had teen boys damaging property / cars.

20 hours ago

Free - clothes hanger for Garage Sale plus festive banners

Carole from East Tamaki

Hi: I have cleared out my garage and would like to give to someone who has garage sales, a temporary, make-shift clothes hanger. My father fashioned two wooden posts and a metal rod that slips between them. It can lie flat in your garage so takes up very little room.
I also have two festive banners: one purple and one bright yellow on bamboo rods. They curve at the end and come down to dream catchers (one has lost its threads but is still OK). These are great to attract attention to your event. They just need propping up on something.
There may also be other things like boards that hook jewellery onto them, depending on what you want to take. First-come, first-served basis. Tel. 021 907 986 Carole

3 hours ago

Shower Glass Restoration

Oazane from Pakuranga Heights

Hi Neighbours,
If you are finding it hard to get those unsightly stains off your shower glass then contact me on 02102265026. I am venturing out on my own after losing my job due to this unfortunate pandemic. I have many years of experience with this and am even in negotiations with my ex-employer to supply me with a reputable Nano Coating for treating the glass to drastically reduce your cleaning time and prevent future stains. I have attached photo's of my own shower that I did just a few weeks ago. Cost ranges from $150 to $250 for glass restoration only, depending on the size of the shower. Glass treatment would be extra.