32 days ago

Poll: Is the message to not leave dogs in hot cars getting through?

Denise Piper Reporter from Rodney Times

The SPCA says a new $300 fine is helping to spread the warning that people should not leave their dogs in hot cars.
What do you think - is the message getting through to dog owners?

Is the message to not leave dogs in hot cars getting through?
  • 25% Yes, the $300 fine helps
    25% Complete
  • 5% Yes, owners better understand the risks
    5% Complete
  • 60% No, I still see dogs in hot cars
    60% Complete
  • 10% Other (please say what in the comments below)
    10% Complete
20 votes
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7 days ago

Cameras help cut red-light-running but thousands still do it

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, motorists running through red traffic lights create some of the highest death and injury risks. Auckland Transport's roll-out of cameras is making a difference, but do you think penalties are tough enough ? Read the story below:

5 hours ago

Your friendly local plumber

Nick from White Rose Plumbing

Hi everyone,

White Rose Plumbing is new to Neighbourly.
It is a small local business founded by myself Nick Lunness based in Pinehill, providing a high standard of workmanship at reasonable prices.
I undertake all aspects of residential plumbing work from small repairs to new builds and renovations.
After hour services are available most days for emergency plumbing repairs.
Click on the links below for more information and photos of projects that I have completed on my website and social media pages.
I look forward to (hopefully) working with you soon.

Thanks for reading.
Nick Lunness

5 days ago

Neighbours - explore Old Auckland!

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

In conjunction with our friends at Auckland Museum, we are excited to launch the Old Auckland Neighbourly Group. Join your neighbours to explore Auckland of the yesteryear and share photos and memories of how Auckland used to be.

Join the Group now to find out what's so special about this incredible photo below - and have a guess at where it might be before Sunday 16 Feb and we'll put you in the draw to win a $100 Prezzy® card!
Join Old Auckland