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1 day ago

Wee Jobs

The Team from Wee Jobs

Need some help with wee jobs around the house? Check out our website for what we can do for you!

3 hours ago

A Good Night In - Kohi Indoor Bowls

The Team from Kohimarama Bowling Club

Did you know: Health professionals recommend playing lawn bowls, as it provides a number of health benefits*. It's fun and it's a hidden way to exercise! And this winter, it's INDOORS at Kohi.
*One of those "health benefits" may or may not be ordering fish&chips and great bar prices. Just saying!*

19 hours ago

Bread tags and bottle tops for wheel chairs in South Africa

Michelle from Stonefields

Our daughter is collecting bread tags and bottle tops to make wheel chairs. We’d really like any businesses who would be willing to collect these for us that we can then and come and collect them from please?

Please message me if you could help. You can drop them in my letter box or by my door. Pm me for the address.