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22 hours ago

Adorable white boy bunny for adoption

Ashley from Saint Johns

Hi neighbours

Meet Asher, a white male bunny we are currently fostering that’s about 6mths old. He has settled in over the past few days and is really friendly, curious and loves exploring - which is amazing considering he came from a pretty rough home beforehand. So we feel that he is now ready to find the most loving forever home that he deserves ❤️

A little bit about him:
- He loves being pet and will come onto your lap for food ☺️. But you need to patient and wait for him to trust you.
- He would do best in a home where he has the opportunity to run around outside his hutch for a good period of the day, since he is a curious and adventurous little guy. He is currently in our bathroom and loves the space.
- In his previous home, he grew up with another male bunny who sadly died last week because they were being kept outside in the freezing cold with inadequate housing. His ideal home will have another bunny or other small animal that he could be with all day and cuddle with. It was heartbreaking because apparently he was cuddling up with his dead friend when they were found the next morning. This is why he came into our temporary care.
- He should be kept inside at night for probably the coldest 5-6mths of the year. While rabbits have their fur for insulation, BUT they stand no chance if they get wet since they can’t insulate once they get wet. Even if he’s kept under a “covered” verandah or the like, the powerful wind-driven rain we get in Auckland will still make it’s way too cold for him if kept outside.
- While he would love to befriend a child, he would still like to be the ultimate responsibility of a loving and responsible adult. In his previous home he was a “gift” for a child, who then tired of him and his late friend. This was something that contributed to their atrociously poor care.
- He is very brave and the vacuum doesn’t phase him, although dogs barking will send him into hiding
- He is very interested in our cat and likes to try touching his nose to the cat's nose. He is very confident with our cat.
- He will do most of his business in a litter box, but has tiny accidents sometimes. But easily mitigated and rabbit doo doo is literally just digested grass/veges so not gross at all
- I haven’t trialed him outside yet, but I’ve been told that he doesn’t run away

He must be desexed and vaccinated by his new family. I will need proof of this. I've been told that Great South Vets is the most cost effective.

Thanks for reading to the end of this long post! He is truly such a sweetheart and we would love to keep him but we already have a cat and dog so we are just not the most ideal home for him.

If you’re interested in giving him a forever home, please get in touch and tell me a little bit about yourself. Then you can come meet him :). I would also like to see his new home before he moves in permanently.

If you’re NOT in the position to adopt him, he would love any donations of hay or any other rabbit products you no longer need - so they can accompany him to his forever home when the time comes!


17 hours ago

free rug

Nency from Ellerslie

Giving away this rug for free as we are re arranging our furniture. Please arrange your own pick up.

1 hour ago

Prepare your Alunminium Windows & Door for Christmas

Robert from Exceed - We fix windows & doors

Are you having family stay this Christmas? Christmas is only 14 weeks away so now is a great chance to check all your aluminum windows and doors to ensure:

1. You have safety stays on upstairs windows if you are expecting young kids to stay
2. Your ranch sliders are sliding freely and the handles are secure and locks working – this week we have a special offer of a free patio bolt if you get your rollers replaced on a sliding door
3. Your window catches are all in working order and have double tongues – this allows you to have the windows open slightly for air circulation as the nights get warmer. Or safety stays for more ventilation but you can sleep soundly knowing you are secure.

4. You have insect screens installed as the weather gets warmer and the flies return

We are available to do free estimates of all your aluminum windows and doors to ensure they are ready for the warmer weather. Give us a call on 0800 25 25 00 to organise a time

From the Team at Exceed Maintenance