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Standing on the side of the road (GENUINE HARDSHIP)

Julie from Glen Eden

You may have seen me around West Auckland standing on the side of the road holding a sign reading

I am pleased to share my gratitude for people's kindness and generosity and to address false accusation from a few consumed with negativity as they struggle with my action.

From early on, I realised I am touching the most beautiful hearts in the country and after crying all the way home from receiving a $200 food voucher & $100 cash. I informed my children that if they lose faith in people, the human race is doomed.

I had to weigh things to determine if I was worthy. On the one hand I am imperfect while on the other hand I barely survived predator behaviour from business people suffering from the roughly 2018 recession and have worked hard to heal-repair. my family so we can contribute well in society.

1. POISONED AT WORK., Infection 5cms from heart & given literally days to live.
Exploited to decrease expense by $6,000 - & $7,000. (machines should have been used)
Exploited to increase income by $4,000-$5,000.(WINZ wouldn't help)
I cannot expose my family online
I spend roughly 2-3 days in hospital and 1-2 days out attending appointments with psychiatrist, psychologist & other professionals.

Time spent on the side of the road is between these 2 things.

I also listened to EVERY PERSON"S advice & followed directives (I stayed away from cultural groups - not interested in one being better than another).
I also could NOT get help from WINZ.

I believe some people will judge kindly and some will judge harshly. Either way, its important to me that kind and generous people are not hurt by my actions.

I still need help. Have another proceedure this week that I really hope works. It costs a lot to go in-&-out of hospital and family runs out of food

I also hoped to buy another vehicle as public transport doesn't fit family crisis (can explain in person)

Love you all xx STAY BEAUTIFUL

I've been gifted with unforgettable experiences through people's kindness & generosity that seems to have no limits.
I'd love to share some of these.

For example, strangers, being a couple with young children, provided 3 weeks respite care for the family dog who requires much attention.

They also cared about me as if we went strangers. It was incredible

BTW, you are welcome to contact me (big smile) on 027 597 8706

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Maria from Kelston

I see it has been announced today that we will be able to bring in 100 refugees every six weeks from July. No offence to the refugees but we can't even look after our own people at the moment. Will they be set up in housing when we are paying so much for emergency housing ,given benefits etc. I feel this has to stop as nz can't afford it. The world has changed as we know it and we can't afford this extra burden.

7 hours ago

Cash for your wrecked car! Call us 0800 500 001

Ali Sohrabi from AAA Auto Parts

Hi neighbours,

Do you have a vehicle that is taking up space and becoming an eyesore? At AAA Auto Parts we dismantle and wreck cars. We will pay top cash whether your car is dead or alive!

* $300 - $3000 for small cars
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* Same day removal
* Free quotes over the phone

We will beat any prices in the market by 10%.

Support your local business.
Give us a call on ** 0800 50 00 01 ** and we will be happy to have a chat.
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Million-dollar dumps: The Auckland car park worth $82.5 million

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Downtown Auckland is going through huge transformation with its various streetscape and transport projects. But in stark contrast, several plots of land worth hundreds of millions of dollars have sat as car parks since buildings were knocked down in the 1980s.

The Elliott St car park sits on a 4417 square metre plot of land, valued at $82.5 million.

The land has sat undeveloped as a car park - where an hour will cost you $19 - since the Royal International Hotel was demolished in 1987.

It was purchased by Singapore company NDG Asia Pacific (NZ) Limited for $53m in 2012, and in 2017 the company was given approval by the Overseas Investment Office to build and operate a 52-storey, five- star Ritz-Carlton Hotel, with 300 guest rooms, four floors for hotel facilities, six for retail and five for car parking.

The development is expected to cost $350m, with the start of construction dependent on the completion of City Rail Link. However, the resource consent for the tower is due to expire in October.

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