51 days ago

Hi ,I am posting on behalf of my gf ,who is looking for a room with ensuite within the mt eden ,newmarket, ponsonby ,epsom area,she is a health professional, very sociable and outgoing looking for mature like minded person or flatmates

Helen from Mount Eden

Please feel free to message me I can pass on her number, she has only just moved to auckkand so I said I would help her out by posting on here and enquiring

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20 minutes ago

Happy New Year from the Clean Team!

Vick Sharma from Service King

Happy New 2022 to all our Service King supporters, customers, family and friends.

A new year is simply made up of 365 days, of which we're up to the first 20 already! Don't underestimate the power of small effective habits done daily or weekly to make this year, better than the last. Those small habits collectively combined you could say, are a bit like 'cleaning up your act'!

We've certainly got some clean habits forming in the pipeline this year. What will your daily/weekly habits be this year to clean up your act?

#HappyNewYear | #2022 | #CleanHabits | #GoodChanges

20 hours ago

Looking for a Person

Steve from Mount Eden

Hi Neighbours,

Does anyone know of a lady called Fiona Connell from Ellerton Road? If so, please ask her to get in touch.


12 hours ago

Extending the life of older equipment...

Speirs Finance

How do I fund a significant repair, rebuild, or refurbishment of existing equipment, plant, and machinery?

Extending the life of existing equipment by rebuilding or refurbishing it can defer major capital expenditure and be a very cost-effective option for your business.

HOWEVER, it may be challenging to fund from cash flow and traditional funders may be reluctant to consider the existing asset as appropriate collateral, impose further security requirements or require repayment over a short period not recognizing the life of the asset is being extended.