39 days ago

Grazing needed for 2 ponies

Andrea Neighbourly Lead from Eden Terrace

Hi Community, we have 2 small rescue ponies that need to have regular checkups. One pony is 39 inches high and the other is 13.2hh high. Is there grazing in the near area of Eden Terrace or abouts? Kind regards, Andrea

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6 hours ago

Looking for Newspaper

Alana from Sandringham

Hi Neighbours,

We are moving houses and have a lot of glassware and are after newspapers to wrap our glassware in when we box them - If anyone has free newspaper lying around or a lot of it please let me know. I can pick up :)

Would be so grateful!

Kind regards,

6 hours ago

Aucklanders warned to brace for tornadoes, thunderstorms and power cuts

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, Vector has warned Auckland residents to prepare for tornadoes, thunderstorms and gales that could lead to power cuts during the next 24 to 36 hours.
The company says people should charge their devices and power banks, tie down objects that could be swept up in strong winds, such as BBQs or trampolines, and make sure they had a torch and spare batteries handy, as well as alternative fuel for cooking.

5 days ago

Police end physical search for missing French teen Eloi Rolland

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours.
Police say they have exhausted all leads for finding Eloi Rolland, 18, who has been missing from Auckland for almost four months.
The teen, who has limited English, has not been seen since he was captured on CCTV at the Britomart train station on March 7, where he caught a train to New Lynn's Fruitvale Rd station. It's understood he was in the vicinity of Piha Rd and Scenic Drive at 9.18am, but this is where the trail ends.
After more than 1600 hours searching for Rolland, police ended the physical search in May, pending reports of new information or evidence.
Rolland's sister, Aurore Rolland, told Stuff the family were "really sad" the search had been suspended.
"We [are at] the point where we are waiting for a miracle. We believe [he] is not dead in the sea at Piha Beach. Things need to be done, even if we have to search during our entire life."
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