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COVID-19 Topline Update

Topline Trade Services Limited

Today is the first day that the COVID-19 Alert Level 4 has been implemented for at least the next 4 weeks in New Zealand.

For Topline this means we may continue to perform all plumbing, gasfitting and roofing work that is associated with ensuring that the other essential services and critical infrastructure can keep operating, it’s what is deemed required to maintain human health and safety at home or work.

For more information and to see whether your plumbing, gasfitting and/or roofing needs fit the urgent requirements please visit our website: toplinegroup.co.nz

We hope you and your loved ones all stay safe and healthy during this time and we look forward to servicing you as usual once we fight this virus once and for all.

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15 days ago

Hi I was sent a exspensive item via.

Helen from Mount Eden

Nzpost track and trace from nelson the tracking said it was delivered today at 348pm ,but nothing was delivered ,I chkd my ring camera no one had delivered anything at that time,does anyone know what recourse I have if it dosent show?

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