Hum and Falling Apple Charitable Trust

Community Organisation

Hum and Falling Apple Charitable Trust
123 Grafton Road
Auckland 1010

We are a Social Enterprise that is made up of community members serving the community, we are many things to many people. We are a place to have coffee or a medicinal Humonade, hang out, unwind, talk or not talk. We offer a venue space, meeting space, music space and art exhibitions, etc. We have a beautiful piano, table tennis table and open fires. We have a large backyard with an open fire for use. We are metamorphic in nature as we grow in many ways including continuing renovations on the beautiful heritage villa on site. We are all volunteers. We have recently celebrated bringing this once derelict heritage villa back to life and in use thanks to businesses giving product and the contribution of volunteers near and far, investing in the external alone what has been valued at close to half a million dollars, nothing to blink at, that's for sure. We're not shy about celebrating what our community has done. We have a few photos of our journey on the internal walls and our website, There is still more of our journey to come and much to tell. Feel free to be a part, pop in and visit us, make Hum your home away from home.