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Poll: 30kph speed limits in Grafton?

Richard Leckinger from Grafton Residents Association

AT is consulting on their speed reduction plan for the central city, which will see speed limits reduced in the CBD to 30kph. Many Grafton residents have asked that parts of Grafton be included in that low speed area.

Do you support reducing the speed limit on Grafton's residential streets (including Park Road from Khyber Pass to Grafton Bridge) to 30kph?

30kph speed limits in Grafton?
  • 66.7% Yes, I support a 30kph speed limit in Grafton as suggested.
    66.7% Complete
  • 16.7% No, I do not support a 30kph speed limit in Grafton as suggested.
    16.7% Complete
  • 0% I support 30kph only on residential side streets, not Park Road.
    0% Complete
  • 16.7% I oppose any change to speed limits in Grafton.
    16.7% Complete
6 votes
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Local Elections 2022

The Team from Auckland Council

👍Nominations for Tāmaki Makaurau’s local election candidates have now closed.
Keep an eye out for the final list later this evening to be published on www.voteauckland.co.nz...
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#OurAKL #VoteAuckland #localelections2022

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What's On: Eastern Table Tennis Club

Shane from Epsom

Table tennis club meets every Monday night. All welcome. Annual Adult Subscription FREE. School children FREE. For more information contact Bob ph. (021) 619 619.
Eastern Table Tennis Club
  • St. Thomas' School Hall
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It's International Youth Day! ⭐

The Team from Graeme Dingle Foundation

We're lucky to support rangatahi across the motu through our programmes.

We do this through community-focused, positive experiential learning and mentoring programmes, that build self-confidence, resilience, improve the mental health and well-being, and support the young people to move towards greater independence.

To find out more, head to our website below.