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Loud music and fireworks

Loks Neighbourly Lead from Stonefields

Any idea what's happening? 🤔

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New Football Club for Girls Panmure, Auckland

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

A new sports club for girls is turning heads in Panmure, Auckland.

Football coach Haley Gleeson said The Football Girls was coming into its third week "and the reviews are just fantastic."

Gleeson launched the program at Uni Bohemian Club for players aged 5 to 12 years old, some newcomers to the sport.

Helping to train the youngsters are a few 16-year-old girls whom she coached in the past.

"They are wanting to become New Zealand players one day so (it's) great to have them role modelling."

Gleeson said the New Zealand Under 17 girls would be signing autographs and starting a mentorship program with the players once Auckland had dropped back to alert level 2.

Naturopath Annaliese Jones would speak to parents about supporting their children through nutrition and pre-puberty.

"A big emphasis on my program is around good mental health.... learning skills to self regulate," said Gleeson.

Trish Du Temple, who has studied mindfulness in sport, will teach the girls about preparation and stress.

Gleeson said everyone developed in their own time and she wanted to validate and appreciate that in each individual.

"The pressure to compare is a lot and we take that away," she said.

"We want the girls to remember, 'be more you.' We teach girls to learn leadership, show up when it's tough, strong back-soft front."

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Grace from Glendowie

Hi there my name is Grace and I’m looking for some more local work as a dog walker/petsitter. I love animals and have two cats of my own Rocky and Sword which I love and adore! I have plenty of dog walking experience and love getting outside and going on little adventures with the pups! Please feel free to send me a message on here or txt me: (0272989171) thank you! ❤️🐶🐱

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Remote Cooking for Level 3 cookery

New Zealand School of Food & Wine

With some rapid planning, we have managed to transform our programme to online cooking demonstrations with the students preparing their own dishes at their homes. The flow of our timetable has pivoted to the patisserie module as the ingredients are easier for the students to purchase at the supermarket (we are reimbursing them for this cost).

A MacBook camera does a reasonable job recording and live-streaming and the laptop does not seem to mind the heat of the oven when Chef Finn opens to door to check if the Rhubarb tart is ready.
Today is Crème caramel, Rhubarb custard tart with Raspberry Coulis.