57 days ago

Neighbourhood fruit trees

Colleen from Onehunga

As we've been walking/driving around our neighbourhood there are a number of citrus ( oranges, lemons & grapefruit) laden trees shedding all over the ground. This of course occurs every year but we're mainly home at the moment. How about if you have a tree , especially the oranges, you could pick and either bag them "free fruit help yourself" outside your front fence or maybe contact a local food bank to drop them off at their base. Perhaps if your neighbour has a tree you could ask if you could carefully pick and bag them etc for those who would welcome them. As we know some people are doing it hard and it just seems a terrible shame to watch the fruit rot on the ground.
Stay safe

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6 hours ago

dinning table

Carina from Remuera

Im looking for cheap or free dinning table for a Ladie whos life by herself and 15 years old son, she's moved from overseas and need some stuff for her new house.
thank you

14 hours ago

Are You Ok ?

Corriena from Remuera

Goodmorning !
Just checking in to see how each of you have been doing this week ?
Please know you are not alone . Please know that there are people around you who care.

If you're struggling and need to chat send me a message through Neighbourly or contact me direct on 02108074719

Kia kaha !

Corriena ~ Local Community Chaplain

7 hours ago

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