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1 day ago

Will you make the most of changes to DIY rules?

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Hey neighbours, how do you feel about the changes to building consent rules for low-risk home projects?

The government says the change will save homeowners time and money, but pro builder and The Block NZ foreman Peter Wolfkamp, is advising caution if you're planning a DIY sleep-out or office. Find out why, here.

3 hours ago

Make your Furniture Last

Dovetail Restorations Ltd

Avoid buying things you wouldn’t invest to get repaired in the future! If in doubt, Marie Kondo it. Seriously. Does it make you happy? Would a slight change in height/colour/alteration make you happy? These are the questions to ask in order to avoid waste and look good while doing it 💁🏻

4 hours ago

Car needed

Gal from Remuera

Hi neighbours,

I'm on a look out for a car, nothing fancy just a reliable run around. If you or anyone you have one for sale please let me know.

Thank you!