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CANCELLED - Kitten Kindy on Saturday 7 December 2019

Ellerslie Veterinary Clinic Della Kidd from Ellerslie Veterinary Clinic & Cattery

UPDATE: Kitten Kindy has unfortunately been cancelled as we didn't have enough kittens enrol.
Ellerslie Vet Clinic is having a Kitten Kindy®
class on Saturday 7 December at 1pm.

Open to kittens aged 7 to 14 weeks, they must have been vet checked, in good health, and had their first vaccination. Just bring your vaccination card and a carry cage.

The class will cover handling, nail trimming, tableting, grooming, brushing teeth and oral care.
Understanding cat body language.
Health concerns.
Enrichment ideas, and how to make homes cat friendly, toys, cat fountains, scratch posts, shelves, litter trays.
Learning sit, wearing a harness, clicker training
Tackling problem behaviours – inappropriate toileting, scratching, biting, inter-cat disagreements, dealing with dogs.
Ageing cats – arthritis, renal disease, senility
Cost = $ 20
Including a goodie bag and certificate to go home with!

Please contact us if you would like to enrol your kitten(s):
Ellerslie Veterinary Clinic
199 Main Highway, Ellerslie
Phone: (09) 281 3 481
Email: office@ellerslieveterinaryclinic.nz

Kitten Kindy® was created by Dr Kersti Seksel - Sydney Animal Behaviour Service

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