29 days ago

Can't Sleep properly? Ways To Help You Sleep Better

Marketing Manager from Beds 4 U Newmarket

We all are inundated with a lot of work and when we go back home we strongly desire a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep, but for many reasons, we don’t achieve it and then the question arises “Why can’t I sleep?” See, everything is not fixable, but there are things that are under your control. So, I can’t sleep properly and I want to know why I’m not able to get a peaceful sleep these days. Read more to find out.

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1 hour ago

Lap top stolen

Mary from Onehunga

Hi neighbours,
I have had my laptop stolen from my car which was a work laptop. It happened on the 18th October whilst unloading my car with shopping and going in and out of the house as my car is locked at all times! I love on beachcroft ave so if anyone finds an HP Laptop (possibly in a black and grey laptop bag that it was in) please let me know. Sometimes they biff them or down at the local second hand shop.
Thanks all and lock your doors, house and car!

1 hour ago

Are you looking for a Dog Groomer?

Cindy from dazzling paws dog and cat grooming

We offer professional dog grooming service at Orakei Bay Village

Check out these cute little fellas after visiting at dazzlingpaws.co.nz...
💞 🐶 🐾

19 hours ago

FREE Plants & Pots

Nency from Ellerslie

Giving this away for free as I don't have time to look after them 😔 Please arrange your own pick up. I have- lemon, mint & spinach plant. Rest pots are empty & you can grow your own 😊