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21 minutes ago

Celebrate 16 Years of Drama Queens & Tiny Tot Groovers

Katherine from Mount Wellington

Join us to dance the afternoon away with your preschool family on Saturday, 2-5pm. Drama Queens keeps low cost and free activities available throughout the community.

23 days ago


Denise Lee from Denise Lee MP

Hi neighbours, despite the dreary weather, my 'Crash Corner' Street Meeting will still go ahead.

AT confirmed overnight that they are accelerating the design and construction process for our safety improvements and as an interim measure, they will install by the end of this month additional signs and road markings, including:

* Gated (on both sides of the road) “Stop” signage on Victoria Street for both approaches;
* Advance “Stop ahead” warning sign on Victoria Street for both approaches;
* Painted flush median improvements, with raised pavement markers to enhance the stop control from Victoria Street;
* Advance “cross intersection” warning sign on Church Street for both approaches;
* “High risk intersection ahead” signage at all approaches;

BUT, this is still not good enough. We DEMAND that AT sets a construction date for the planned roundabout at the Church and Victoria Street intersection. These interim measures are a success, but cannot be a bandaid on broken leg. I want assurances that this intersection takes priority over the America's Cup beauty projects.

6 hours ago

Will you be affected by these motorway closures?

The team from

The NZ Transport Agency advises of the following overnight closures for motorway improvements: Northern Motorway (SH1), Central Motorway Junction (CMJ), Southern Motorway (SH1), Northwestern Motorway (SH16), Upper Harbour Motorway (SH18), Southwestern Motorway (SH20) and State Highway 2 (SH2).

Closures start at 9pm and finish at 5am - unless otherwise stated. Please follow the signposted detours. Click here to see a detailed list of affected areas.

Safe travels neighbours!