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Hometune NZ Ltd

Wherever you are in Auckland this weekend, if you break down we will make it a priority to get you back on the road. Hometune is here to help everyday this queens birthday weekend.

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Female, 50, and looking for a job? Good luck

Kelly Dennett Reporter from Sunday Star Times

The Sunday Star-Times is investigating the difficulties of finding work when you're female and over 50. Anecdotally we are aware of women being shut out of the workforce around this time. If you can relate, and are willing to talk about your experience, please email kelly.dennett@stuff.co.nz

2 hours ago

Damage to your coffee table?

Dovetail Restorations Ltd

White marks are generally caused by heat or water damage, liquids, pizza, etc • We can refinish and get rid of the rings and marks. Black rings usually signify damage to the wood itself which we are also able to restore || We can do a prior consultation to assess the damage.