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MTF promotion for Neighbours

Dolly from MTF Botany

Whether you are buying from a dealer, privately or online, we can help. You can also be pre-approved for finance, so you know how much you have to play with:)

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Who needs a plant doctor?

Mikaela Wilkes Reporter from Homed

UPDATE: Thank you for all your questions. We're picking the best to send off to the houseplant doctor from Kings Plant Barn and the answers will be published in an article on Homed soon.

Are your houseplants looking worse for wear? The experts at Kings Plant Barn would love to help. Send us your houseplant questions and problems to homed@stuff.co.nz, or leave them in the comments, for the houseplant doctor to diagnose. Pictures are encouraged.

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Covid-19 Update: Covid case had contact with infected family during lockdown, PM says

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Hi neighbours,

Auckland has moved back to level 3 lockdown.

The rest of the country has moved to alert level 2.

Here's the latest update from Georgia Forrester at Stuff:

* There was undisclosed contact between a family member of case M's and another family during alert level 3, PM Jacinda Ardern has confirmed on Monday.

* One new community case, already in quarantine, was announced on Sunday evening.

* The new confirmed case, Case O, is a household contact of cases I, J, K and L

* Huge queues built up at Auckland-Waikato border on Sunday evening.

* Auckland has moved to alert level 3 for at least seven days.

* The rest of the country has moved to alert level 2. A reminder of what the alert levels mean can be read here.

* Here are the locations of interest visited by infectious cases:


* Travel in and out Auckland is restricted.

For more information, go to:


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Volunteer Moth Weed Exterminators - Community Environment Services Groups

Lena from Half Moon Bay

I had a Volunteer from SMART Moth Weed Community Group door knock, offering to Kill these wild weed plants around our government housing rented property and inconveniently chose to pile that mess up infront of the only accessible garage door entrance to my garage, meanwhile theres plenty of space around the property to leave park or dump it!? Long shit story short! When Community Environment Volunteer Groups knock DOOR KNOCK offering to Kill Wild & Poisonous Weed Plants, on private or government housing PROPERTIES. That doesn't mean they can make a mess and leave their mess, where ever they want, whenever they want.
In conclusion and as a direct result, the Auckland based SMART Community Leader defended the actions of his Volunteer and suggested I move and hide the mess, their volunteer made, INSIDE MY Red Council Wheelie Bin!! (break council rubbish disposal laws)
A formal complaint has been documented and recorded against the Auckland based SMART Group Leader & Volunteers with NZ Kaiangaora Govt housing, with the intention to prevent community conflict and protect my household (hopefully households in general) from costly intrusive inconsiderate & illegal community service delivery methods, by Community Environment Service Delivery Groups, in future.
Hope this was helpful.
A Very Concerned
Kaiangaora Housing NZ Tenant.