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Nominations open for Auckland local elections

The Team from Auckland Council

Nominations are now open for people who are passionate about Auckland – so it’s time to put your name forward as a candidate in the local elections.

Key election dates
15 July – candidate nominations open

Midday 12 August – candidate nominations close

17 August – candidates announced

16 September – voting opens

Midday 8 October – voting closes

14 October – official results announced

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💚 Intuitive Wellbeing Session to resolve the loss of a loved one

Celine from Celine Grelard

Grief is real and grief is often misunderstood or blocked and can affect us for life if we don't ask for help. If you heard or have a partner who is not the same since the passing of a loved one, a parent for example, that's because part of you or them isn't there. Part of you or them has been lost. What happens with loss is that time heals but it doesn't if we don't manage the grief in a proactive healthy manner. You or your partner may act as if it happened yesterday, yet it happened a few months ago, 2 years ago or many years ago. It's like you or your partner have never been the same again. This is where I can help, part of you is left in the past and sometimes most of you so you are here but you are actually not present. You are no longer emotionally available or only partly. This affects your entourage, your kids, your family, your work, your business, your life. Sounds familiar? We can hold on to a loved one, a parent for years, I know I did until I met someone who helped me all these years ago. I had not let go of a feeling that was not serving me, but holding me back. I don't want you to make the same mistake. Life is here and now and meant to be lived. Loosing loved ones is part of our journey. So if you or your partner needs support, I can help, even in only one session, I can bring peace and bring you back to be more of you and in the present with your life now. You don't have to keep struggling or keep seeing someone you love struggling when there are ways to honour grief but not lose you or partner in the process.

Take care,
Celine | +272 445 519
Intuitive & Wellbeing Mentor

16 hours ago

What's On: Blockhouse Bay Community Market

Rozsina from Titirangi

Something for everyone! Coffee, baking, preserves, crafts, plants, toys, tools, household items, collectables, books, clothing, jewellery and more. New stallholders welcome. Ph Roz 027 4151342. $10 per table, provided. facebook.com/bhb.communitymarket
Blockhouse Bay Community Market
  • Blockhouse Bay Community Centre