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Dementia Auckland

The difference you make...
By hosting a STILL ME GET TOGETHER you unite with us and the 20,000 Aucklander’s affected to fight against this growing health challenge.

​The significance of a dementia diagnosis reaches beyond the individual affected. Families, networks and communities have a role to play in ensuring that we provide a safe, supportive and dementia-friendly society.

​Almost 70,000 Kiwi's have dementia, this number is anticipated to triple by 2050

4 out of 5 Kiwis are affected by dementia in someway. It affects almost everyone.

​Follow the link below to register!
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Would you buy this cowboy Winston Peters portrait?

Melanie Earley Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Kia ora neighbours, if you’ve ever dreamed of having an image of New Zealand First leader Winston Peters wearing a cowboy hat, proudly hanging in your living room, now’s your chance to make it a reality. An artwork of Peters, created using coffee, red wine and tea is for sale on Trade Me. The current bid is almost $300, would you buy this?

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What's On: Bokashi & ColdComposting Grey Lynn

Kowhai from Birkdale

This composting presentation offers an introduction to Bokashi and traditional composting. Cost: Free. Book online: https://compostcollective.org.nz/events/bokashi-and-cold-composting-presentation-grey-lynn/
Bokashi & ColdComposting Grey Lynn
  • Grey Lynn Festival @ Grey Lynn Park
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Lower-cost plan to hook water tanks to mains supply

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, More than 4,000 households on rain tank water supply will be given a lower-cost option to top up from the mains. The price is not yet known, but will be cheaper than a $7k full connection. Good idea? Read the story below: