13 days ago

Teachers turning to foodbanks and hardship grants

Josephine from Abel Tasman National Park

Kia ora neighbours. Teachers say they have been seeking help from foodbanks and hardship grants after the May 29 mega-strike cost them a day's pay. What do think of this? Are you a struggling teacher, or do you know a teacher doing it tough?

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2 days ago

TV repairer

Erica from Parnell

Does anybody know of a good tv repair person around central Auckland. My picture went, still has sound .

1 day ago

Poll: Apartment Body Corporates

Andrea from Eden Terrace

Hi all I am interested in whether you believe your body corporate is transparent and uses the body corporate funds for the benefit of all the owners or if they are coerced by some owners on the BC committee otherwise.

Apartment Body Corporates
  • 32.6% Yes our Body Corporate communicates to all owners effectively
    32.6% Complete
  • 37.2% No our Body Corporate does not communicate to all owners effectively
    37.2% Complete
  • 9.3% Our Body corporate does not disclose what the funds will be spent on
    9.3% Complete
  • 20.9% Our Body corporate is approachable and transparent in all committee decisions
    20.9% Complete
43 votes
4 hours ago

Police helicopter tracks thief from CDB to North Shore

Caroline Williams Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours. A man who allegedly stole $5-6,000 worth of down feather puffer jackets from Macpac Ponsonby in a "grab and run" robbery was apprehended on Lake Rd after police traced his vehicle movements with the Eagle helicopter. The man was charged with shoplifting and will appear in the Auckland District Court on Friday.
Have you heard of any other stores targeted for "grab and run" type thefts? Let us know in the comments.
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