28 days ago

Aucklanders, what's your view on fare hikes?

Amy Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours, Auckland commuters who use buses, trains and ferries are facing fare rises of up to six per cent.

Councillor Richard Hills says the increases can be a barrier to public transport. Will higher fares stop you using public transport?

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15 hours ago

Poll: Would you use free public transport in Auckland?

Neighbourly Reporter from Neighbourly.co.nz

Hi Neighbours,

Would you use public transport in Auckland if the fares were scrapped? What would make you ditch your car for the bus or train?

Check out this opinion piece on this topic here

Would you use free public transport in Auckland?
  • 79.9% Yes - I would love to use free transport
    79.9% Complete
  • 11.6% No - I prefer my car
    11.6% Complete
  • 8.5% Maybe - I'd have to think about it
    8.5% Complete
847 votes
5 days ago

Poll: $1000 to drive a scooter into the water

Brittney Reporter from Stuff

Would you accept the challenge for $1000?

One Auckland daredevil took on a challenge to drive a Lime e-scooter directly into the harbour. With $1000 on the table, he gladly accepted the bet. The video posted to social media shows the shirtless stuntman powering down a wharf and steering straight off the edge, plunging into the water metres below.

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$1000 to drive a scooter into the water
  • 50.4% Definitely, it's $1000!
    50.4% Complete
  • 38.4% No way, not worth the risk
    38.4% Complete
  • 11.2% Maybe for more money...
    11.2% Complete
1619 votes
10 hours ago

Ponsonby Road Festival!

I Love Ponsonby

We're still buzzing from Saturday and the bundles of fun that was the Ponsonby Road Festival!

Who's ready to do it all again next year...? 🙌