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Do you have rubbish bin problems in your neighbourhood?

Georgia Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Some Papakura residents are so frustrated about their bin tags being swiped off their rubbish bins, they're coming up with some pretty creative ways to deter thieves. The pay-as-you-throw tags were introduced by Auckland Council in Papakura and west Auckland earlier this year and range from between $2.60- $5.50 a bin. To read more, click here.

Although the bin tags aren't city-wide, it got us wondering what other rubbish-bin issues were out there? Has your bin been stolen before? Do people fill your bins with their rubbish and recycling? Have you had lids or wheels broken off them? What extreme measures have you taken to make sure your rubbish gets collected? Let us know in the replies.

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Poll: Do you ever eat food past its best before date?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

In the US last year, Mom's Organic Market founder and CEO Scott Nash did something many are afraid to do: He ate a cup of yoghurt months after its expiration date. And then tortillas a year past their expiration date.

"I mean, I ate heavy cream I think 10 weeks past date," says Nash, "and then meat sometimes a good month past its date. It didn't smell bad. Rinse it off, good to go."

It was all part of his year-long experiment to test the limits on food that had passed its expiration date.

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Do you ever eat food past its best before date?
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How are you at recycling?

Kendall Hutt Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours. Our bad recycling habits have seen 32,300 tonnes of rubbish find its way into recycling bins. This then had to be diverted to landfill, costing us half a million dollars over the last two financial years. How are you at recycling? What rubbish items have you mistakenly thrown in the recycling bin?


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Poll: Would you live in an adult dorm?

Melanie Earley Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, The Coh – short for "co-home" – is a 22-bedroom, three-storey complex overlooking spaghetti junction at the top of Symonds St, aimed at young professionals, each person will have a small private bedroom and share a living space.

Would you live in an adult dorm?


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Would you live in an adult dorm?
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