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After Armistice: dealing with the effects of war

The Team from Auckland Museum

As we commemorate the 101st Armistice Day, it's timely that we reflect on the aftermath of the First World War; not only the massive scale of loss, but also the ongoing suffering experienced by those who returned from the first industrialised war.

Arriving in back in Wellington, Colonel Evans pointedly reminded the soldiers of those left behind: “Remember,” he said, “When you go ashore you are not heroes. The heroes lie in France”. Having lost their comrades in the thousands, the soldiers hardly needed to be reminded of their 'luck' in making it through. Yet for those who survived, the physical and mental toll of the war was immense and for many unspeakable. Each service person confronted the psychological and emotional impact of a war unprecedented in its violence in their own personal way.

One soldier who suffered through his war service was Private Ivor Norman (Norm) Fleet 31249. A bushman who enlisted in Taumarunui, Fleet fought with the Wellington Infantry Regiment and received gunshot wounds to both legs during a clean-up operation at Bellevue Spur on 22 October 1917. His right leg was later amputated and he eventually returned to New Zealand where simply carried on with his life, marrying Elsie Petley in 1928, building his own house and forging a long and productive career. Norm rarely spoke of the war and relatives only recall seeing him in tears as his nephews left for the Second World War; a small clue to the pain that returned servicemen held inside. Like Norm, millions suffered silently in the aftermath. Today we honour their service and acknowledge the immeasurable suffering that came from it.

Lest we forget.

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Our kinda kindness at AMI

AMI Insurance

When a Christchurch school lost four classrooms to fire, retired AMI Branch Manager Philip Buckingham knew how he could help.

Philip – “ When one of our offices is relocated or refitted as a flexi workspace, there are all sorts of useful items left behind — stationery, file cabinets, chairs, desks, computer monitor arms. For years now, we have gathered it all up and donated it to schools; initially those hit particularly hard by the Christchurch earthquakes. It’s hard to explain, but it’s just in our DNA at AMI to help people. After the Russley School fire, there was an urgent need to get the kids some stationery. On my way home, I went to the school and spoke with the principal, Greg Lewis. We couldn’t have asked for a better principal for the school, he is such a great guy.”

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Do more of what you love!

Evelyn Page Retirement Village

Ryman living saves you time for the moments that matter
Experience our retirement villages


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GARAGE SALE - Sunday 8th December (8am - 11am).

Shelley from Silverdale

155 Colonial Drive, Silverdale.

We need to empty our garage and have a number of items that may be handy to others. Ikea wooden shelving units (good for garage storage kids rooms etc), preserving jars (3 boxes new), children's body boards, bike buggy, rollerblades and skateboards, children's books, toys, shoes and good quality clothing, clothes airers, DVD's, CD's, printer/scanner, anti fatigue mat, cork notice boards, etc! Also Orewa College Uniform (boys year 9/10 and girls year 7).