57 days ago

Upper section of Dixon Street now open

The Team from Wellington Water

We’re pleased to announce that the upper section of Dixon Street (towards MacDonald Cres) is now open to both up and downhill traffic, as we have successfully completed the works required to secure the adit which collapsed in December 2019. This involved removing the collapsed material, strengthening the area with concrete and grout injections, building a wall inside the adit and filling it to make it secure. During the adit works we also took the opportunity to renew wastewater and stormwater pipes along the upper section of Dixon Street.

Our thanks to the residents, businesses and public for their patience during this project, as well as all the engineering and front line crews who worked on it.

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1 day ago

Our first State House

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

David and Mary McGregor took occupation of the first State House in New Zealand today (September18) in 1937.

The house at 12 Fife Lane Miramar had three bedrooms and one bathroom. The opening attracted a large crowd and a lot of media attention. The house was eventually sold to the McGregors in the early 1950s. They lived there until the early 1980s and are seen in the attached photo in 1978.

15 hours ago

Poll: Do you support a by-law banning junk mail?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Wellington City is proposing a by-law banning unaddressed or advertising mail being put in letter boxes marked "no circulars" or '"no junk mail".
The by-law is part of a waste management plan to reduce the amount of material going in to landfills.

Do you support a by-law banning junk mail?
  • 76.6% Yes
    76.6% Complete
  • 23.4% No
    23.4% Complete
175 votes
21 hours ago

Do you support taking cars out of the Golden Mile?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

The Wellington City Council is looking at removing traffic from the central city.

Under the proposal, all general traffic from the popular thoroughfare could be removed.
Access to many side streets would be closed off, while loading zones and taxi stands would be moved to side streets.

The proposal has resulted in an angry response from business owners, who believe it could result in businesses closing.