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Red Cross Journey 2019

The Team from New Zealand Red Cross

Red Cross Journey 2019 registrations are now open!
Grab your neighbours, friends, whānau and sign up to the challenge.

This is the perfect opportunity to boost your mood, improve your energy and best of all, help people in need in your communities and overseas.

Walk, run, dance, jump, or hop 10,000 steps a day and learn about global and local events and get to know real people who have been affected by disaster or conflict. Your fundraising efforts will go towards helping others, just like the people you will learn about.

Registrations are now open!

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Support your local community with My Challenge

Challenge Fuel

My Challenge is a rewards programme designed to make a difference.

You can earn points, save on fuel with discounts and support your local community by donating your points or discounts.
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3 days ago

Poll: Should the government keep the 90-day tenant eviction notice?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

People will have to put up with offensive behaviour from difficult tenants if the government goes ahead with plans to remove the 90-day notice period for evictions. What do you think? Should the government keep the 90-day tenant eviction notice? Vote in the poll below.

Should the government keep the 90-day tenant eviction notice?
  • 79.1% Absolutely - I’ve personally dealt with bad neighbours
    79.1% Complete
  • 15.7% No - tenants could be evicted unfairly
    15.7% Complete
  • 5.2% I don’t have an opinion
    5.2% Complete
230 votes
1 day ago

Poll: Is it time to revive Wellington's flag?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

It's unmistakable: the trireme-like ship, the flying dragon-dolphin-fish, the English flags. Quintessentially Wellington. Right?
The new mayor of Wellington and a city councillor want to see the revival of the city's flag and coat of arms around the city in help foster "civic pride". But, others say the flag is "a relic of the past" that fell into disuse for a reason. What do you think of the flag? www.stuff.co.nz...

Is it time to revive Wellington's flag?
  • 20.9% It's great, fly it high
    20.9% Complete
  • 13.1% It's ok, I don't really mind if it's used
    13.1% Complete
  • 66% It's a relic, ditch it
    66% Complete
374 votes