252 days ago

Car battery went kaput last night, mechanic recommendations?

Sarah from Hataitai

Good afternoon, Helpful Neighbours! I am in need of a mechanic recommendation to replace a car battery on our 2006 Mazda Premacy. Our car battery died in dramatic fashion last night while I was driving; I barely had time to pull over before the car completely shut down. I was able to temporarily revive it by begging a friend to come out and jump it for me (thankfully I never travel without cables!). The alternator appears to charge the battery, but I'm pretty sure the battery needs to be replaced. Thanks so much for your help!

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3 days ago

Potluck lunch for people with no relatives in Wellington or New Zealand.

Niki from Newtown

Hi everyone, I'm thrilled to say that two ladies turned up to my potluck lunch and we had a marvelous time, two new friends! We'd love to have more people join us for the next pot luck lunch which will be posted in due course. Niki.

5 days ago

Poll: National day of action against plastic packaging

Paul Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Are you disgusted by the amount of unnecessary plastic packaging for products sold in supermarkets?

We've gotten rid of plastic bags from our supermarkets, but many shoppers reckon that should only be the beginning.

A national day of plastic protest has been organised, encouraging shoppers to unwrap and leave unnecessary plastic packaging behind at supermarkets.

To read more, click here.

Will you be taking part in the national day of action against plastic packaging?

National day of action against plastic packaging
  • 85.2% Yes, there's too much plastic packaging
    85.2% Complete
  • 14.8% No, I don't think it is an issue
    14.8% Complete
3740 votes