3 days ago

Poll: Would you keep a farm animal as a pet?

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Are you a pet lover looking for an alternative to domestic cats and dogs?

Farm-style animals like chickens, goats, and even pigs, are gaining in the pet popularity stakes, but have specific needs and regulations you need to be aware of. Here's what you need to know about keeping them in residential areas.

Would you keep a farm animal as a pet?
  • 21.3% I already do - it's easy if you do your research and have the right space
    21.3% Complete
  • 15.6% I'd like to, but there's too much red tape
    15.6% Complete
  • 39.8% It depends on the animal
    39.8% Complete
  • 1.1% I tried, but it didn't work out
    1.1% Complete
  • 22.1% I don't think farm animals make good pets
    22.1% Complete
921 votes
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1 hour ago

New playground design for Frank Kitts Park

Social Media Specialist from Wellington City Council

The concept image for the new playground design at Frank Kitts Park has been released today. It's a fun adventure playground with a nautical/coastal theme which represents Wellington's maritime links - the iconic lighthouse and slides will be refurbished & be part of the playground too. More info

4 days ago

Have you heard? Benny the beagle is home safe!

Georgia Reporter from Stuff

Hi Wellington,
Did you know Benny has been found safe? He was miraculously found alive after spending nine days lost during a storm. About 1000 searchers and a helicopter were used in the search. To read more, click here.

3 hours ago

This Week's Open Homes

Just Paterson

School's out, but we're still here!
Here is JP agent Lucy Clements' daughter helping with the flower arrangements for this weekend's open homes 🌸 How cute is she?!

Check out what's on show here: www.justpaterson.co.nz...