61 days ago

Wellington in 3 words

Simone Borgstede from Wellington City Council

Thank you to everyone who participated!
Are you a professional aged 25 - 45 living in Wellington? Then we want to hear from you!
What are the 3 words that pop into your mind when you think of Wellington?
We are creating a snapshot of Wellington to help with our future decision making. Don't hold back! Leave your 3 words in the comments below.

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18 hours ago

Don't forget to change your clocks

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

New Zealand springs forward this weekend as Daylight Saving time begins.
Clocks will go forward by one hour at 2am on Sunday 27 September. Daylight saving time will continue until Sunday 4 April 2020, when clocks will go back by one hour to NZ Standard Time.

Most New Zealanders should experience a seamless transition, with modern electronic devices adjusting automatically. However, older devices may need to be adjusted manually.
Do not forget it is also a good time to check emergency plans, survival kits and smoke alarms.

1 day ago

What should the council do with Te Aro Park?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

A central Wellington park has become a magnet for “anti-social behaviour” with a new report detailing reports of drug dealing, violence, and sexual assault.

The Wellington City Council report, published, found “a consistent level of anti-social behaviour” at Te Aro Park on Wellington’s Golden Mile, which was higher than other central city parks.

1 day ago

The Newtown Vintage and Craft Market

Amanda from Newtown

Come down to the Newtown School Hall on Mein st (we are located inside), 3rd of October, to check out vintage, second hand, and local artists and crafters. And get some fruit and vege while you are at it! We are attached the Newtown Fruit and Vege Market.

HEX - oils, readings, runes, Beard oil, candles, jewellery
Sew Sews - masks, sewn items
Jewelia - Prints, zines, badges, and more
Manko Alina -
Doterra Oils - essential oils and blends
Isobel - vintage, prints, jewellery
Cosmo Bones - Prints, stickers, art
Gina - Vintage clothing, jewellery, flowers
Maya - 2nd hand, vintage clothing and accessories
Hiromi - embroidery, earrings and nail arts
Amanda - Vintage, toys. art clocks and more
Pictures are from the last market.