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Beautiful Roxie searching for a loving foster home

Kylie from Roseneath

Update 8 August, Roxie still searching for the perfect foster parents after her new friends sadly had a change of circumstances. Please get in touch if you’re interested :-)

Hi, my name is Roxie and I’m a much loved, 11-year-old, pure-bred Kerry Blue Terrier. My heartbroken humans have been posted overseas for about 18 months, so I’m looking for an extra special foster parent to share my excellent company. While they’d like to take me with them, I want to avoid the extra-long plane trip and the nasty hot desert.

I am a perfect medium size(15kg), but my attitude is all big dog. I have lovely woollen curls which don’t shed or make anyone sneeze, but to keep up my good looks I have regular visits to the salon/groomer.

My perfect foster parent has no current pets, but experience with strong minded, independent cuddle specialist like me. Experience with the terrier breed would be a bonus. I don’t think I need it, but my humans insist that I have a fenced yard, because I have a bit of a Houdini reputation.

I know all my basic commands and I am toilet trained. While I often go to work with my Dad, I am happy to hang out at home and laze in the sunshine, while everyone else is at work to support me. My Mum has assured me that all my expenses will be covered while she is away.

With my puppy good looks, I often get mistaken for a much younger dog, but I am slowing down a bit. When I was five, I was hit by a truck and my leg still gets a bit sore at times, my Mom sneaks’ pills into my food, and I still love to go on nice long walks with lots of sniffing. I enjoy playing with my squeaky toys, my current favourite is Ellie, the purple elephant.

I’m wonderful with humans and visiting little people, but I’m not suitable for a young family. I know when I’ve been naughty, because I get called Roxanne. I don’t like cats or other dogs, so I need to be the queen of my castle. I’m independent, with a mind of my own and selective hearing, so I can never be off lead. I may sound like hard work, but my cuddles and loyalty make you forget all about my shenanigans.

I sleep in my own bed, mostly stay off the furniture and have all the toys and doggie stuff a gal could ever need. Apparently I’m fixed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, council registered and I’ve had my flea/worm treatments.

Mum will pay all my food, grooming, vet and other costs. I have some extra special friends around Wellington, including one wonderful friend in particular who has said she would be happy to keeping coming to stay with me when you go on holiday if that’s needed.

My parents leave in late September and will be back at the end of May 2021. That may sound like a long time, but believe me after you’ve met me, you’ll realise time will fly.

I can’t wait to meet my new best friend.

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