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Is your Roof looking sad?

Adam from

Is your roof covered in moss, mould and mildew? We can take care of it without using harsh chemicals that will damage your plant life or pets.. Give is a call! 020 4141 0521

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Hi neighbours,

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Water conservation (17/01/2022)

Carl from Brooklyn Residents Association Incorporated

Hello, We are forwarding this message from Wellington Water to encourage water conservation. These hot days mean we are using more water, and we only have a finite amount. Better to voluntarily save than have restrictions forced on us...

It's time to start saving water Wellington. 💧

Every week our team of engineers gather to review the region's water use. The warm weather over the last week has seen a large spike in water use, as well as a drop in our river levels. ☀
The graph below shows that our available water supply is just meeting demand. It's important we all start using less water now so that we have plenty to get us through the summer period.
Thank you in advance for doing your bit so that we can have access to clean water all summer long.
You can find some easy tips on how to start saving water on our website www.facebook.com...

2 days ago

Bricks needed for a garden project

Patricia from Kelburn

Does anyone have any old bricks lying around that they don't need please? We are using them to edge some new gravel beds in the garden. It doesn't matter how battered-looking they are, as long as they are intact.