1155 days ago

Karori Event Centre – the inside info

Nicky Bridge from Karori Event Centre

It’s a beautiful, crisp, Karori day to be working on the construction. It’s progressing fast and the rooms (main room, meeting room, kitchen, changing rooms, storage and toilets) are well underway. This week the team are finishing the roof, working on the flashings, painting the steel and putting in the windows. By the end of next week they hope to have all the windows in place - making the Event Centre watertight.

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11 hours ago

Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Who recognises this famous photo from the Stuff archives?
Hint: It has come to represents a pivotal moment in New Zealand history.

1 day ago

Hen houses

Kirihika from Island Bay

If you're throwing out any old rabbit hutches / dog houses or hen houses, we will take them in at Tapu te ranga (:

2 days ago

Missing cat Mimi

Kirsten from Berhampore


Mimi is still missing - she went missing from Dawson St, Berhampore, Wellington. I had her for two weeks after my mum died and she managed to escape on Oct 1st - 18 days ago. Someone must have seen her.

Please keep searching in Berhampore/Newtown area - Dawson St, Rintoul St, Lavaud St, Russell Tce, Edinburgh Tce, Adelaide Road area. Further over on Duppa St side and even on way to Kilbirnie. Mum lived in Maupuia, so she might be trying to get back there.

I'm extremely worried about her as she doesn't know the area at all. Please, any news is news.

Mimi is a very small white cat, with large tabby spots on her. She has a heart shape on her nose. She will be very timid and scared. She could be hiding under someone's house or in a garage. She doesn't have a collar on because it was rubbing on her neck. She has a bald patch under her neck. She is not a stray, so if you are (kindly) feeding her, please let me know.

We miss her so much. She is a part of my mum. If anyone sees her, please call me on 0212126838.