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Poll: Do you support the new rules to build more homes?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Tens of thousands of new homes could be possible in Wellington after a major bipartisan housing announcement from Labour and National.
A new bill supported by both major parties strips red tape from the building process in an effort to accelerate medium-density housing.
The rule change will allow people to build up to three homes of three storeys on most sites in Wellington without any need for resource consent from August 2022.
Tell us what you think and if you do not want your comments used put NFP.

Do you support the new rules to build more homes?
  • 33.8% Yes
    33.8% Complete
  • 45.1% No
    45.1% Complete
  • 21.1% Not sure, need more information
    21.1% Complete
1193 votes
More messages from your neighbours
1 day ago

x2 sets of drawers

Toni from Waikanae

Hi there just seeing if anyone out there has 2 sets of draws they wish to part with even 1 set .please contact me if you do asap .
thank you

3 hours ago

Anyone Else Sick of Vodafone Support?

Gareth from Waikanae

Our Voda installation (TV, Broadband) has always been second rate ever since they bought it from Telstra and when you have a problem like over the last week with internet dropping out, running slow, TV freezing then going off for some minutes with the "got no internet signal", or some such error, flashing in the top R/H corner of the screen.... then you have to contemplate calling the multitude of numbers that all put you at the same place where the Voice Recognition Fault Reporting NEVER recognizes what you say, then you get on to the button pressing that ends in 30+ minutes of horrid on hold music that sounds like it is being played underwater.

Yesterday, after a session of 2 hours+, and today of 1 hour on the phone I still had an SC402 Error that no body was able to tell me what it meant.

The guy yesterday was supposed to be pushing out some software that would definitely fix the TV Box over night, but guess what.... it didn't, hence the call to Voda this morning to the number on the screen.

So it started over again "pull the power cable out for 30 seconds", read the serial number, disconnect the internet cable from the modem or router many, many times, pull more power cables, total reset of Router resulting in having to reset the whole WiFi network up again as it had now reset to defaults and all our devices didn't recognize the 'Reset' Network, and this was all after the ordeal of 'what is your account number', 'how much do you pay', 'what is your payment method', 'what is your PIN Number' 'that pin number is wrong'.. "well it was set up on 17 Dec 2019", etc, etc, ad nauseam.

The guy I spent an hour talking to this morning decided to transfer me with out telling me and my phone just went into horrid hold music for 10 minutes. The TV box was now not functional at all with all types of error messages flashing up.
Abruptly the music stopped and someone spoke asking me who I was and what I wanted. I said aren't you the guy who I have been talking to for an hour about my problem?
He muttered something unintelligible to me and rang off !!!

My son and I had a conversation about the unsolved problem and he found instructions on how to do a factory reset on the TV Box while trying to find the SC402 error on Vodafone's site. It sounded a bit like what the guy was trying to get us to do but was not making a good job of explaining how to do it

We thought, sod it, may as well try it.
It took 2 minutes in total and the TV is now working fine.

Why in gods name do you have to spend hours on the phone removing cables, switching stuff off and on, reading serial numbers etc etc reaching no resolution when it is just a quick 2 minute job to get it working again????

Any recommendations for a Vodafone ISP Replacement?
Also VodafoneTV will close on 30 September 2022.

Bit of a rant, sorry bout that.

3 hours ago

Waikanae Recycling Centre

Marie from Waikanae

I am delighted to report that Council today voted to establish a community led recycling facility in Waikanae. Both Michelle Lewis and I spoke to the waste minimisation report and the notice of motion put forward by Councillor Prvanov. We noted that we were still opposed to the closure and there was a depth of feeling in the community regarding the closure. Michelle briefly outlined what a community led initiative would look like. Not the big bin truck dependent operation as run by the council. It is still in the formative stage and SORT welcomes any ideas through this platform. A big thanks to all the people who put the spade work in on this. Michelle for the concept planning along with Councillors Prvanov, Handford, Elliot, Randall.
It seems persistence pays off!!
Marie O'Sullivan
Save Our Recycling Targets (SORT)