470 days ago

Working Bee

James Bishop from Waikanae Beach Community Garden

Waikanae Beach Community Garden
Working Bee 25th October 1pm
33 Weggery Drive Waikanae Beach

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19 hours ago

instant karma

Ken from Waikanae

This morning around 10 I was dawdling up the pathway adjacent to the expressway with my friends 15 year old miniature schnauzer, when an incredible scene of instant karma unfolded. A group of three bicycle riders were coming down the pathway at a high speed they saw me and the dog and then one of the riders shouted something, I’m not quite sure what he said but the tone was very unpleasant.
He then hit the old dog (which went down with an ear piercing scream) and the impact caused him to then swerve. He went over the side of the path still at high speed and landed upside down amongst some nasty spiky stuff. Me and another rider had to assist him from his upside down position, his wife the third rider and who saw the incident did not stop or return to the scene. Once we had extracted him from the bushes he became verbally aggressive, just hurling obscenities at me and making disgusting hand gestures that I have not seen since the primary school playground around 60 years ago.
His riding buddy I think called him Rick. Rick is a very big middle age guy said he weighed 200kg as we were trying to rescue him. His friend apologised for him and simply said “That’s the way Rick is”
All three of them showed zero interest in the dogs welfare which is quite sad.
There are signs requesting riders to slow down use a bell and share the pathway and thankfully the vast majority do.
Rick, you ran over a slow moving old dog at high speed on a shared pathway, you saw me and that dog from a long way off.

3 days ago

Pet of the Day: Meet Miley Belle and Molly.

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Robert Mackenzie from Upper Hutt is the proud owner of Miley Belle and Molly.
"Here are two of our retired cats, Miley Belle on the lefty and Molly on the right.
Their motto is Monday to Friday we do nothing and Saturday and Sunday we rest."
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20 hours ago

Playhouse Raffle for benefit of the Life Flight Trust

Bill Moffatt from Kapiti Pakeke Lions Club -1

The Kapiti Pakeke Lions Club are running their usual playhouse raffle with proceeds going to the Life Flight Trust and local charities. First prize is the playhouse, second prize a 30 minute scenic flight and third prize is a Kitchen Wiz.
Go to kapitipakekelions.org.nz... to purchase your tickets online. Closing date is 12 February 2022.
All proceeds go to the Life Flight Trust and local charities