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Coastal Landscape

Mulch isn't just for blocking weeds and making your garden look nice. It also helps to keep the soil warm and moist. While it certainly isn't enough to prevent annuals from dying or keep perennialsrom going dormant, decomposing organic matter creates heat. A healthy layer of mulch can go along was toward protecting roots and bulbs from encroaching frost. Also, a thick blanket of mulch offers better protection for beneficial wildlife that may be over-wintering beneath the soil in your garden.

To protect your plants from the cold weather, now is a great time to add a layer of Coastal Landscape Supplies very own MEGA MULCH - about 50mm think over your whole garden.

Our mega mulch is a 50/50 blend of aged shredded pine and organic compost and will protect your garden from the cold, conserve moisture and also add valuable nitrogen back into the soil with the composts combination of untreated sawdust mixed with paunch grass turned over for approximately 12 months creating a stable environment to replenish nutrients. Because the compost has good bacteria and fungi feeding the plants naturally it makes them stronger and healthier therefore less likely to be attacked by nasty desieses or bad fungi.

You can buy our fabulous mega mulch by the 40ltr bag ($9 or 4 for $30), the trailer load (6x4 size - $50), or the cubic metre ($90) and we can deliver! Call us today on (04) 2936621 to order.

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Holiday in NZ


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Kapiti Herb Society

Gail from Waikanae

MEETING REMINDER for: Tuesday 14th July at 10am

We hope to see as many members and visitors as possible this coming Tuesday.
Our presenter will be the owner of:
New Zealand Native Oils
Maria Brocklebank
140 Otaihanga Road

Maria has come a long way in a very short period of time. She has developed Health, Beauty, and Skincare products and has a shop displaying all her many specialized brands.
She will make one of her 'Balm' products for us as a demonstration and bring along various items from her shop. These products will be available for sale and Maria will be happy to answer any and all your questions regarding the natural ingredients.
This should be a fun morning so come along and enjoy yourself.

Everyone Welcome to meet our friendly 'Group of Herbies'
Senior Citizens Hall
45 Ocean Road, Paraparaumu Beach (close to the Airport)