52 days ago

Xmas Decorations Up And Running

Michael from Trentham

Got in the earliest we have ever put up Xmas decorations today but still days and weeks behind quite a lot of neighbours.

Seems we are becoming more Americanised because they certainly hit the ground running with Christmas decorations especially externally.

Only had to walk 10 minutes in order to cut the top threequarters of a young pine tree which was growing like a weed. And as quickly as you can say "Santa Claus In A Sleigh Pulled By Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer", we had the tree covered with new fancy multiple coloured lights that have nine differing patterns/functions.

Going to a party where part of the gift exchange is Xmas decorations and so we chose two tree items that are largely green coloured and always wondered the interest factor with green on green.

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2 hours ago

No Vaccination, No Rates

Michael from Trentham

There are 200,000-300,000 people in NZ who refuse to get vaccinated (to help prevent the spread of Covid and help lesson the effects of Covid if they themselves got it) who therefore are themselves prevented from going to certain places or attending certain events because they are not vaccinated or fully vaccinated.

As reported in the DomPost, some of these people are calling for a deduction in their local and regional council rates because of the council-owned or organised facilities they cannot attend.

This of course is nonsense as there are many, many people in NZ fully Covid vaccinated and in pre-Covid vaccination times who don't use or utilise many of the council facilities and amenities and yet must pay their full rates bill.

For a few years now I don't use in Upper Hutt, its libraries and swimming pool. Other people don't attend or use the civic centre, Expressions/Whirinaki Centre and the various parks, reserves and playgrounds and yet we all contribute fully to the greater good of the community.

Sorry anti-vaxxers - pay up.

20 hours ago

Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Tis is an easy one for Way Back Wednesday.

9 hours ago

Husband for sale (and other happy things) in today's Antidote

The Team Reporter from Stuff

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Today: The story of a husband for sale on Trade Me, a skipper with a digger, kiwi chicks in the skies and many, many beers for Betty White.