40 days ago

Poll: Do you support the new rules to build more homes?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Tens of thousands of new homes could be possible in Wellington after a major bipartisan housing announcement from Labour and National.
A new bill supported by both major parties strips red tape from the building process in an effort to accelerate medium-density housing.
The rule change will allow people to build up to three homes of three storeys on most sites in Wellington without any need for resource consent from August 2022.
Tell us what you think and if you do not want your comments used put NFP.

Do you support the new rules to build more homes?
  • 33.8% Yes
    33.8% Complete
  • 45.1% No
    45.1% Complete
  • 21.1% Not sure, need more information
    21.1% Complete
1193 votes
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6 hours ago

Xmas Decorations Up And Running

Michael from Trentham

Got in the earliest we have ever put up Xmas decorations today but still days and weeks behind quite a lot of neighbours.

Seems we are becoming more Americanised because they certainly hit the ground running with Christmas decorations especially externally.

Only had to walk 10 minutes in order to cut the top threequarters of a young pine tree which was growing like a weed. And as quickly as you can say "Santa Claus In A Sleigh Pulled By Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer", we had the tree covered with new fancy multiple coloured lights that have nine differing patterns/functions.

Going to a party where part of the gift exchange is Xmas decorations and so we chose two tree items that are largely green coloured and always wondered the interest factor with green on green.

1 day ago

Volunteers needed

The Team from Red Cross Shop Upper Hutt

We are still on the lookout for amazing volunteers who’d like to spare a few hours per week to support our Red Cross Shop team at our Red Cross Shop in Upper Hutt.
If you haven’t applied already and would like to lend a hand over the busy holiday season, push the button below to apply or for more information.

2 days ago

Have your say on your local.

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Has the pandemic made you shop more locally? Do you feel like you can rely on your community?

Let us know in our State of the Neighbourhood survey and you could win 1 of 10 $100 Prezzy cards.
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