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22 hours ago

South Waikato Recycling Clean Up

The Team from South Waikato District Council

Help clean up recycling in the South Waikato.

Tip 1 - Clean, wash, rinse recycling products

Tip 2 – Put lids/caps/tops in the rubbish

Tip 3 – Plastics 1 & 2 only

Tip 4 – Flatten cardboard

Tip 5 – If in doubt, throw it out!

Thank you!
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1 day ago

Election 2020: Hauraki-Waikato candidates for local MP

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hey neighbours,

In the lead up to the 2020 election, Stuff is keeping voters up to date with what’s happening in their electorate, through Neighbourly. Here’s what you need to know about the candidates in the running to be Hauraki-Waikato's MP.

At the October 17 election, New Zealanders will have the opportunity to choose their regional spokesperson.

Through the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) voting system, those enrolled can vote for the party they want as well as a local representative.

Why does my MP matter?

The person elected will be the voice for your region in Parliament. If you’re having trouble getting entitlements or dealing with Government departments, they can help. If your community needs funding for certain projects or activities, or there isn’t enough healthcare in the area, the elected MP can step in and help.  

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1 day ago

What's On: Introduction to Mindfulness 8wk course

Deirdre from Taupo Central

Mindfulness courses in Taupō. 8 week courses offered each Term. 2 hours per week. Your Trainer: Deirdre Savage. For costs and details please visit or contact Deirdre at
Introduction to Mindfulness 8wk course
  • St James Church Hall