45 days ago

Poll: Should daylight saving be abolished?

The team Reporter from Bay News

The European Parliament has already voted to abolish daylight saving from 2021, due to studies that highlighted the connection between daylight saving and health issues.

For some, having more daylight hours is beneficial, but for others, it can really interrupt their sleep cycle. What are your thoughts?

Should daylight saving be abolished?
  • 21.1% Yes - it messes with my sleep rhythm
    21.1% Complete
  • 68.3% No - I enjoy having more daylight hours
    68.3% Complete
  • 10.6% I'm not bothered either way
    10.6% Complete
180 votes
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We recommend Mint. Food to Go

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Burn Out - How to Recognise and Recover From it

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Burn out - When your body, mind and emotions are so frazzled that you can’t think straight and you lose focus and mental clarity.

Are you looking after your health or the health of your employees?

I offer fully tax deductable wellness packages.
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