55 days ago

What did you miss most in alert level 4?

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Welcome to level 3 neighbours...

It was the moment many New Zealanders had been waiting for – as the clock ticked over to midnight, Kiwis were able to head out to satisfy their cravings for takeaways.

And for people keen for a McDonald’s, KFC or Burger King after two weeks without their favourite junk food, it was mana from heaven.

What did you miss most when we were in alert level 4?

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3 hours ago

Who’ll get my records?

Public Trust

We all have special things we want to protect and share with the people we love when we pass away. It could be your record collection, perhaps some artwork, or even that classic car you’ve spent so long restoring. If it’s important to you, put it in your will. ​

An up-to-date will is the best way to protect your legacy – and your prized possessions. ​

If you last made a will when disco was all the rage, it’s time for an update. ​
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3 hours ago

How important is sustainability to you?

Stuff from Neighbourly Nz

Take the survey and be in to WIN a share of $2,500 worth of prizes - including a luxury escape in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand’s food and wine country – where a sustainable weekend away tastes absolutely delicious!

Plus, each entry will also go in the draw to win 1 of 5 $100 gift vouchers from the Restaurant Association of New Zealand.
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12 hours ago

What's On: One Day Yoga Retreat

Marina Neighbourly Lead from Fernside

Focus on yogic breathing into the different parts of the lungs, asana and meditation. 9:30-6pm includes lunch. Contact Marina Locke 021871818 www.injoyyogatherapy.com
One Day Yoga Retreat
  • 386 Oxford Road