40 days ago

Meals on Wheels Drivers Needed!

Community Activator from Red Cross - Waikato Service Centre

This service supports elderly, ill and disabled people living at home who would otherwise struggle to provide healthy meals for themselves.
Volunteering is a fun and rewarding experience. Being a Meals on Wheels driver takes about two hours one day a week, fortnight or month, or even casually depending on your availability.
For further information please contact us on 07 849 0285 or email: waikato@redcross.org.nz

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13 hours ago

Next issue of Get Growing ezine - coming next week!

Reporter NZ Gardener & Get Growing

Hi neighbours, the next issue of Get Growing will now be released early next week, so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime you can read all previous editions here, so dig in and enjoy!

9 days ago

Junk Mail

Kim from South Waikato District

Does anyone know who I could complain to about junk mail?

I have a "please no advertising" sign on my letterbox.
It used to work.

But now who ever is delivering the advertising has loaded up my letterbox and its now falling on the ground.

I have not emptied the letterbox for a few weeks now and they cannot fit anymore junk mail , so now they have started putting it on top of the letterbox.

Because my letterbox is so laden with advertising, I wonder if the mailman will bother putting my genuine mail in the box?

I purposely replaced my old letterbox with a small one to deter advertising mail.

Do you think they should make a new regulation, that you should only receive advertising if you have subscribed to it?

If the person delivering the advertising can see the box is full, why do they keep trying to put more in it and on it? And on the ground? Is this legal? Its littering.