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There is a shortage of properties for sale in your area!

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What's On: Mad for Marshmallows

Sheen from Akatarawa

Staglands yummy winter marshmallows are back and during the July School Holidays, they will be given away FREE to all visitors! Toast your own on the cosy Barn campfire.
Mad for Marshmallows
  • Staglands Wildlife Reserve
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Rotary Peace and Remembrance Forest Planting. Can you help?

Rhondda from Whitby

Rotary Peace and Remembrance Forest Planting
Wednesday 30 June 2021 8.30am to 12.00pm
There is more planting to be done on Wednesday as well as some weeding. Most of the planting will be undertaken by a team from Porirua City and the aim is to plant 2500 stems during the morning. This is an impressive start to this year's planting programme at the Forest and builds on last year's very successful planting.
Rotary Club members will undertake some weeding and tidying up of last year’s planting.