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5th Titahi Bay Beach Festival

Titahi Bay Beach Festival

Come to Titahi Bay Beach's northen end March 7, 1-7pm. With 100 stalls & food trucks and all afternoon entertainment we've got it covered.

KAI & INU: Greek to Japanese, Syrian to South American. Coffee to Sorbet.

MUSIC: Blueprint rock, Andy Gartrell does pop, Liberty Swing Band for dance, Ma does Reggae; Meri celebrates Te Reo & The Mighty ease it out.

DANCE: Shut Up & Dance or get in the Zone. Zumba & Yoga to stretch ya!

STALLS: Crafts to Bubbles, Weaving to Oils.

ACTIVITIES: Tug of War, Treasure Hunt, Free Planting, Children's Rides & much more.

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Glenn from Paraparaumu

I know this app is on it's last legs judging by the MANY comments and posts I have seen of late, which is such a shame because it USED to be a well run and constantly updated & maintained app.
This is the first time I have come across this tho, so is someone able to help me out please? I’m getting next to no assistance from the app developers...😤
This is a filtered screenshot of a message with the corresponding pop up. Despite attempting to SEND message numerous times, it did not send & this pop up kept popping up!

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Plumber required,any recommendations please

Bronwen from Paraparaumu

Kitchen tap/mixer needs replacing,also a shower needs relining (two sides)
Are there any local plumbers Paraparaumu area,able to give a quote please?

9 hours ago

Chive Seeds

Jennifer from Paraparaumu

Hi there Anyone interested in these? Txt 021 1471 201 Cheers Jennifer