54 days ago

The Homeless situation in Kapiti including Otaki

Donna from Otaki District

I have a plan brewing in my head and would like to get feedback before I do any further planning. The idea is to get a petition of sorts together stating how bad and urgent the Housing Crisis is here in Kapiti - Otaki. There is no way any houses whether transitional, emergency or permanent housing is going to be built or available for at least 3 - 4 months at least if even in that time. So we need to really highlight the dire emergency of people who have nowhere to go. Once we get lots of signatures on paper I am thinking of a hikoi (march) from Otaki to the office of Terisa Ngobi in Paraparaumu. I would notify her of our intentions and hope to get either/or both Jacinda Adern and Megan Woods attending when we present the signatures.
With the hikoi (march) it is ok to walk and drive some of the distance. I will need to get a wheelchair or mobility scooter to be a part of it all and would only be able to do a shorter distance.
I would really like some feedback or your thoughts on this idea and if you would be a part of it

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18 hours ago

Library Restrictions Inequitable

Marie from Waikanae

I was surprised to be asked for my vaccine pass at the local library this weekend. I would have thought public libraries were exempt, along with supermarkets pharmacies etc. They are public spaces afterall, which ratepayers, vaccinated or not, contribute to.
While I appreciate the wishes of Council to keep staff safe, in reality the risk posed by a library visit is low. With over 92% vaccinated in the region, measures such as a limit on numbers, masks, screens and distancing will serve to reduce risk. Im curious what the rationale was for this decision. (Though no doubt if I ask, it will be treated as an OIR request and I'll have to wait until next year for a response). It seems like a step too far to me. What do others think?

7 hours ago

a progress report on the petition and hikoi

Donna from Otaki District

Kāpiti ‘Hikoi On Homelessness’ Highlights The Housing Crisis
Motorists tooting support outnumbered marchers highlighting the plight of Kāpiti’s homeless yesterday, but their cause was strengthened by Cr Sophie Handford walking the walk with them.
And, Felicity Stacey-Clark, reports the ‘Hikoi on Homelessness’ made its mark on public consciousness by highlighting the housing crisis threatening local society.
About a dozen people paraded down Kapiti Road from McLean St to the Paraparaumu Library, drawing a chorus of supportive toots from passing cars.
The Hikoi on Homelessness was organised to raise awareness of the shortage of affordable accommodation in Kāpiti — with large numbers of homeless being put up in motels and other temporary accommodation because they can't find suitable or affordable rental homes.
“Not just a big city problem’
Speakers at the rally at the Library pointed out that homelessness is not just a big city problem.
They spoke about living in emergency housing for more than a year; and being moved on at short notice to another motel because their motel was taken over as a MIQ facility.
Others pointed out the difficulties in accommodation which was not designed to cater for people with disabilities, or for family groups.
Several spoke of the toll taken on the mental and physical health of the displaced people. One person spoke of five moves in three years between properties that landlords had then rented out as long term.
It was also pointed out that younger homeless people were often missed in statistics because they were couch surfing, living in cars, or sleeping rough.
Councillor Sophie’s support
Councillor Sophie Handford joined the marchers from the start, while local MP Terisa Ngobi and Mayor K. Gurunathan met the group at the Library.
A petition is being circulated to raise the issue at Parliament, and those gathering were also urged to support a KCDC survey on homelessness in Kāpiti.
This is available online from the KCDC site — or from the Kāpiti Libraries and Council offices.

9 days ago

Wanted: Old Desktop PC

Russell from Paraparaumu

I have a need for a used, but functioning desktop PC. Doesn't even need any drives, just a case & fan, CPU and motherboard.

Happy to collect mid-late December anywhere in Kapiti.