68 days ago


Mark from Waikanae Beach

My mother lives in a council owned pensioner flat in Paraparaumu Beach.
She has been there for 3 years this coming October I think 🤔
The people had notice recently that there would be a rent hike from the end of September.
This would be the 2nd increase since mum moved in.
The 1st increase was 3.5%.
The latest increase will be 44% !!!!
The inhabitants signed a petition which the Council have rejected.
Would a private landlord be brought to task over such a large increase ?
There is nothing in law that states what landlords can charge.

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23 minutes ago

Whitebait set net.

Freya from Waikanae Beach

Does anyone have a whitebait set net they are looking to sell please? Preferably like the one in the picture. ;)

6 days ago

Have you spotted a rook on your property?

Community Engagement Advisor from Greater Wellington Regional Council

These large invasive birds are a problem in the Wellington region because they eat and destroy newly germinated seedlings, which sometimes means entire crops need to be re-sown.

We need to protect our region’s environment and economic wellbeing from damage, which is why we aim to remove rooks from our region by 2029.

Find out more about Rooks here - www.gw.govt.nz...

15 hours ago

SPCA Pet of the Day: Meet Eddie and Valarie

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

This week we feature two guinea pigs.

"We were bought to SPCA because our family could no longer care for us. We are now looking for a home together. Eddie and Valerie are sweet guinea pigs who love their food.
We are very sweet to watch, and are getting better at being handled, but we really don't like it, like most guinea pigs. We will need a large grassy area with a weatherproof hutch for day time. At night, we will need to be inside with you as part of your family so will need an area inside your home. It will need to be large enough for us to fit comfortably for the night, or for days when the weather is just too awful to be outside in. If that sounds like your set-up, please get in touch with our Small Animal Team for an appointment."