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Fun Zone Before/After School Care & Holiday Programmes

We're BACK! - Fun Zone's EPIC School Holiday Programme for Term 2!

Fun Zone are proud to bring you a fun-filled, much-needed, Winter Holiday Programme

We've got in-venue games, competitions with PRIZES, food challenges, dancing, multisports, messy art, bowling and more!

We have developed exciting holiday themes and activities that are tailored especially for juniors AND seniors so that everyone is catered for - no matter what the age!

So please join us and experience all the FUN at Fun Zone!

We are based in Paraparaumu (Kenakena School), Waikanae (Waikanae School) and Otaki (Waitohu School).

Click on the link to see more!!

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Poll: Should we get paid leave on our birthday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

As the Government moves to double employees' sick leave entitlements, a man is calling for a law change to go even further – and allow workers to take a paid day off on their birthday.
When Clifford Hallett blows out the candles on his cake in a couple of weeks, he'll likely wish for an extra leave day to celebrate.
Hallett has launched a petition to Parliament requesting it pass legislation to give all employees that right.

Tell us what you think.
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Should we get paid leave on our birthday
  • 26.6% Yes
    26.6% Complete
  • 72.2% No
    72.2% Complete
  • 1.3% Not Sure
    1.3% Complete
79 votes
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Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Lots of questions in this picture. What year? Where is it taken from and what do your recognise?

5 days ago

Friday Feathered Friend

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

This week's featured bird is the oystercatcher, courtesy of Simon Woolf.

"Pretty rapt to see a clutch of oystercatcher, chicks and their parents, on Wellington's coast tonight. The adult birds were back from last year, and have three young ones in tow.
The adult bird had just caught a worm and the competition was on, as to which bird would get a feed. The bird at the back is the runt, and was also the chick that was attacked by gulls.
It was also the chick that was not in any way defended by the parent birds, while the other two birds were well cared for. You certainly know which chick is the runt, when it runs only metres away from you, after being chased by a gull, and neither of the parent birds felt the inclination to attack me!
Life is cruel for a baby oystercatcher, however if you are the runt of the clutch, life is really hard!"