43 days ago

Does Kāpiti need a hospital?

Virginia Fallon Reporter from Kāpiti Observer

In 2017, more than 22,000 people signed a petition calling for a community hospital here on the coast.
Supporters said our growing population and a likelihood we'll be cut off from Wellington in a natural disaster warranted the service.
The petition was presented to Parliament last year but garnered no results.
What do you think? Is a hospital a necessity for Kāpiti or are medical services good enough as they are?
Should this become an issue for our electorate candidates in this year's election?
Please let us know what you think and remember to mark your post NFP if you don't want it appearing in print.

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11 days ago

Rates Freeze

Ewen from Waikanae

The Ratepayers Union has contacted all of the New Zealand Councils. No response so far from the Kapiti Coast Council to the petition and the call for Councils in New Zealand to call off any rates rises to help the Ratepayers in these difficult financial times. I believe they will remain silent unless enough of we the Ratepayers urge them to act now to save money. What do people think?

1 day ago

Have you resorted to cutting your own hair?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

For many New Zealanders, there's never been a better time to give themselves DIY bangs, a drunken bowl cut or partial shave of the head.
But worried stylists across the country are preparing for the hair-pocalypse when salons reopen. Have you resorted to cutting your own hair? How did it go?

2 hours ago


Sue from Waikanae

Good place to leave your rubber gloves.......... not!