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Grants for Disability Equipment

Dalmo Mendonça from Accessible Kapiti

Hi all,

If you have a long-term disability that affects your ability to participate in your community, there’s a specific set of grants from the Lottery Grants Board available to assist.

Click on the link for more info

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What's On: Mad for Marshmallows

Sheen from Akatarawa

Staglands yummy winter marshmallows are back and during the July School Holidays, they will be given away FREE to all visitors! Toast your own on the cosy Barn campfire.
Mad for Marshmallows
  • Staglands Wildlife Reserve
2 days ago

The Economy

Mark from Waikanae Beach

A couple of days ago I was looking for an on call gardener for a mate who has a lawnmowing business.
So he is happy to pay $25 ph which is $5 above the minimum wage I believe 🤔
Nobody interested.
Are things that good in Kapiti,that people won't get out of bed for $25 ?
What's the going rate for gardeners ?
$25 too low ?
Your thoughts appreciated