27 days ago

2007 Nissan Tiida 156k km 1800cc excellent condition

Jen from Manurewa

$4,500 Or nearest Cash offer
Nissan Tiida,



Key less entry,

Electric driver seat

Alloy Wheels,

ABS Brakes, Airbags

Standard Tinted Windows

CD / Radio

Partial leather seats

One NZ owner.

The car is in an excellent condition and you will enjoy owning it as much as what I did. I now drive a company car and doesn’t have space or the need to keep my Tiida.

With its perfect size this 5-door hatchback have a specious interior to put your daily stuff or luggage at the back, the car is suitable for city driving and parking.

The Tiida drives strongly and there is no lack of power, overall it is a lovely car and in a very good condition for its age.

Nissan is known as its nice interior standard, and this Tiida is also got beautiful interior which gives you pleasant impression and comfort.

The seats are looked after and not torn/ripped. The back seat can also move forward or backward for extra leg room, it is also very comfy.

Price: $4,700

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10 hours ago


Nil from Manurewa

Our child attends "Leabank Primary School", Manurewa. Around 2pm yesterday in class my child asked her Teacher "why are we going to ICT? Teacher responded "cos you're just going and you smell like curry"! Infront of the whole class.

Infact our child has been away on Monday, returning back Tuesday as she was very ill, high fever, sick. Most of all "not eating well". Upon resuming school, I notified the office to please keep an eye on our child being very sick, if any concerns we are happy to pick her up anytime. Teacher knew how sick our daughter was, but this off conversation - "you smell like curry".

How can a Teacher insult a child? Teachers should set a good example to our children who are in their learning stage.

We are very upset and shocked by all this. I can't imagine how embarrassed and insulted our child must have felt, where she had no say in this and alone without us/her parents at the time when this happened.

Day before yesterday, she was taking her lunch when one of her class student saw her and put his leg infront of her - SHE FELL on the cement flooring! She was hurt badly, with injury scratch marks, and her lunchbox with food fell from her hands too. Food had scattered everywhere. List just goes on within this school. This is simply called BULLYING!

1 day ago

WATCH: How Mr & Mrs Gock Saved the Kumara

The Team from Play Stuff

Play Stuff Short Doco: When New Zealand gave two young Chinese refugees citizenship in the 1940’s they found an unlikely way to return the gift – by saving the almighty kumara. Watch now

4 days ago

Sutton Rd, Drury - A disgraceful medley of incompetence from Council & roading contractors

Bruce from Opaheke

As Im sure everybody that travels Sutton Road is aware, there have been long & protracted 'road works' carried out over the past year or so.
What is disturbing is they have taken a mildly rough road & managed to systematically make it worse, alot worse.
Areas that have been patched are in a worse state than before they started, the finished product is now of lower quality & more dangerous than before & to top it off they also managed to work around the worst 'pre reseal' areas that needed fixing altogether !

Im sure that took some hard work to avoid those.
If there was an award for incompetence & poor workmanship the contractors involved in the roading win hands down. The council can put its hand up for obvious lack of project managing and total waste of our rates, unless the goal was to make another bad road look better by comparision.
The jokes over, those responsible need to sort this mess out immediately or find another vocation that doesnt give you any access to the publics purse strings.